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Go Go Fandom Fail (FFA Post #1)
sunnycamehome2u wrote in fail_fandomanon
Inspired by spnpermanon.

The fail wars are going about and it's time for an anon meme.

Who's pissed you off? Who's right? And who do you really want to exclude from an event?

ETA: leave people's religion alone. Not the time, not the place.   PM : sunnycamehome2u or email @gmail if it gets out of hand before I see.

ETA2: ALL fandom fail is on topic. While right now it's disability, VividCon, and Slingbabies, it can be any FandomFail. Mods take a wide view of what is fandom.

ETA3: The entire meme is a "Choose Not to Warn" experience, but that said- there is lots of discussion of sexual assault and triggers in some of the comment threads. Others of course, are about kittens.  It is 50/50 which you will stumble into.

People are welcome to make an additional post, or ask the mods to do so.


The post as been given a stay. Feel free to finish up conversations in this post till it dies a natural death, peacefully, in it's bed. Without warning.

When did fandom get so goddamn serious? For fuck's sake, we write tentacle porn and ass babies.

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Your ass babies are not welcome at VividCon!
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I demand a special room and extra consideration because the whole WORLD should make itself safe for my ass spawn, damn it. It's why I joined the special snowflake club called fandom.
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Lex Luther! I knew that was you!

I'm telling Clark you are using the product of your true and unbreakable love to try to get advance seating at the vidshow!

PS: The captcha on this is "since daddies". LJ WINS.
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I smell a clone.
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No. That's an ass baby.
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Is that a breast fed ass baby? Because bottle fed ass babies are banned.
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